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Friday, July 31, 2015

Georgia in Summer

Georgia, the balcony of Europe as they say, kept me speechless in awe most of our 10-day stay. The stunning countryside is everything I reckoned of a magical nature and I get the reason why they call it the balcony of Europe, like literally.
Half of the almost-no-hunkering-trip included visits to the region of Mestia where we had a trek to the beautiful mountain of Ushba in Upper Svaneti and the village of Ushguli down to Kutaisi.

The other half was spent in Tbilisi and Kazbegi. Driving to the town of Kazbegi in the Caucasus Mountains was incredibly breathtaking that we never had second thoughts of hiking to the foot of Mt. Kazbek as we pulled into the town that brought us ultimate adventure the following day.
For proof, see the photos below:

For the record, btw, I had the happiest of birthdays in Tbilisi when AC pulled off a really nice birthday surprise for me. From a blow-your-candle came another sweet surprise when he took out a beautiful, never did I know, engagement ring from inside a flower disguised as a birthday cake topper. It was very funny I was insanely busy taking photos and videos wanting to capture the beautiful romance out of my birthday surprise that only when I have taken everything did I ask AC what the ring was all about. He then smiled and answered "That's an engagement ring" and my answers were like "Oh...How nice...Thank you, Thank you!".

I wasn't just completely taken off-guard but I was also totally ignorant that I honestly didn't even recognize it was one. Everyone else in the hotel restaurant were smiling at us and AC was like tongue-tied that he'd not actually popped out the question but only added to say "Ayaw mo ata eh...mahal pa naman yan. Re-imburse mo nlng yan!". I swear I was feeling ecstatic and could have shouted the big time YES but I was only grinning like "Hindi ah. Gusto ko!".
I thought, at the back of my mind, "YAY...Finally!".

We fight a lot but how couldn't the fights be concealed when he gave me that moment I have, undeniably, been waiting for all my life? Isn't he the sweetest?

Now, we have Georgia captured to remember all our lives.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Palawan Treat

Fall in love in the natural beauty of Palawan where a day can be well-spent swimming, island hopping, snorkeling, or just simply building in time on exploring just anything.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Scenic Sri Lanka

Being AC and I's first short trip together, we wanted it somewhere near that's within the budget yet scenic that we could probably relax and get away from the pains of work for, at least, a little while.
Sri Lanka did not disappoint us. The country is awesome!

Friday, November 28, 2014

A visit to Maldives

 There was this travel deal that made another dream of mine come true. A travel like kissing goodbye hell stresses and strains because I'm going to a paradise and rejoice to no end.
It started with just a dream and I always remember  how stepping off the plane made me overly ecstatic thinking back in time when I posted in fb "I'm going to Maldives, with or without money". Trust me, heavens hear us everyday!
Our Day 1 was a sort of adventure. We were supposed to stay in a budget hotel the entire trip but we planned of spending the extra booking an overnight stay in an island hotel for a little indulgence and to really get to see how we pictured Maldives to be. To make the most out of our Day 1, we chose an all-day affair getting to an inhabited island via a public ferry and this was an absolute delight. A great  taste and even insight into local Maldivians life.
Now imagine sitting by the pristine beach almost all day and watching for that magical moment of the setting sun. What a bliss!
The next morning, with pure excitement, we were shuttled on a speed boat that was going to take us to the Fihalhohi island we prior booked. I remember every awe and excitement I had looking at the divine ocean and passing by over-water villas island after island. It wasn't long before we arrived and whisked off to a serene island in the middle of divine clear ocean. Definitely Maldives of my dream this time.
.The island was so stunning we could hardly articulate but just had some 'pinch me' moments before we got the adrenaline rush of taking photos after photos non-stop.
And pictorial, obviously, was how we kicked off Day 2.
Talk about lazing over-water bungalow watching the sun go down...
I take my hats off to this island of pure majesty. 
Trust me, when you look at the photos, I need not say.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PINASmile - My Family's Version

ADDICTED to PINAsmile song and inspired by the ABS CBN's station ID, we tried to make our own family's version of the video and here they go:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The joy to my world

AC and I met on FB while he was still working in Qatar. How he invited to add me to his friends, hear him tell his funny story. To cut the long story a little short, we became friends and he would always play jokes trying to tell things like he would want to pursue me by the time he gets to visit Dubai. Honestly, I think never yet was there some special feeling or anything digital connection of sorts that I did not imagine would translate into actually lovers today. My ‘used-to-be’ kind of ‘antipathy’ even put him to stop talking to me. The truth is I had the impression that he was much of a ‘corny’ kind when he’d always ask me this way “Have you eaten?” like almost all of the time he messaged me. Obviously it was extrasweet of him but the ‘burara-ness’ of me was just thinking like “Of course I would sure eat anytime I get hungry. You need not ask. Duh”.

Fast a little track forward, of silence nearly a year after we didn’t get the chance to meet in person when he’d once visited Dubai, I needed some help in creating some sales and inventory system. Because another programming-expert friend tried to create one for me yet did not complete it, I thought of AC.  So I tried the luck of messaging him in FB.

Thankfully, he’d resurfaced.

Playing it a little cool, I started the conventional hello. Glad it didn’t take any icebreakers for me to immediately ask him of helping me right when he’d told me he’s moved back to Dubai already. I was like “Oh, really???” and I was pretty much ecstatic to agree I would meet him in person this time when he said “I think I saw you last Wednesday or Thursday”. To my great shock, he’d pictured me right.

May dala kang folded boxes and a box ng bondpaper. You were wearing sunglasses. I thought to myself parang si Nelits yun ah. I wanted to help you but I was hesitant kasi mukha kang masungit. Hirap na hirap kang dalhin ung boxes at mukhang bad trip ka pa ata”, AC.

I was laughing out loud because yes, I swear it’s true. I thought “Wow…how could this guy even surely recognize me when we haven’t ever met yet?” Imagine my face blushing red and blue or yellow, maybe. Haha.

By the first and later time we went out to meet and talk, it felt like we’ve known each other forever that we're so good together. My mind whispered like “This is the person I’ll want for me”. And I’m glad heavens heard me.

Now he brings a lot of joy to my world and so does this flower today!


It’s been a great month with you and I’m looking forward to better ones together. Thank you, AC. I love you everyday!

Will you finish the sales and inventory system asap, please? *dropping my knees*

Hanggaws Reunited in Seychelles