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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The joy to my world

AC and I met on FB while he was still working in Qatar. How he invited to add me to his friends, hear him tell his funny story. To cut the long story a little short, we became friends and he would always play jokes trying to tell things like he would want to pursue me by the time he gets to visit Dubai. Honestly, I think never yet was there some special feeling or anything digital connection of sorts that I did not imagine would translate into actually lovers today. My ‘used-to-be’ kind of ‘antipathy’ even put him to stop talking to me. The truth is I had the impression that he was much of a ‘corny’ kind when he’d always ask me this way “Have you eaten?” like almost all of the time he messaged me. Obviously it was extrasweet of him but the ‘burara-ness’ of me was just thinking like “Of course I would sure eat anytime I get hungry. You need not ask. Duh”.

Fast a little track forward, of silence nearly a year after we didn’t get the chance to meet in person when he’d once visited Dubai, I needed some help in creating some sales and inventory system. Because another programming-expert friend tried to create one for me yet did not complete it, I thought of AC.  So I tried the luck of messaging him in FB.

Thankfully, he’d resurfaced.

Playing it a little cool, I started the conventional hello. Glad it didn’t take any icebreakers for me to immediately ask him of helping me right when he’d told me he’s moved back to Dubai already. I was like “Oh, really???” and I was pretty much ecstatic to agree I would meet him in person this time when he said “I think I saw you last Wednesday or Thursday”. To my great shock, he’d pictured me right.

May dala kang folded boxes and a box ng bondpaper. You were wearing sunglasses. I thought to myself parang si Nelits yun ah. I wanted to help you but I was hesitant kasi mukha kang masungit. Hirap na hirap kang dalhin ung boxes at mukhang bad trip ka pa ata”, AC.

I was laughing out loud because yes, I swear it’s true. I thought “Wow…how could this guy even surely recognize me when we haven’t ever met yet?” Imagine my face blushing red and blue or yellow, maybe. Haha.

By the first and later time we went out to meet and talk, it felt like we’ve known each other forever that we're so good together. My mind whispered like “This is the person I’ll want for me”. And I’m glad heavens heard me.

Now he brings a lot of joy to my world and so does this flower today!


It’s been a great month with you and I’m looking forward to better ones together. Thank you, AC. I love you everyday!

Will you finish the sales and inventory system asap, please? *dropping my knees*

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