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Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday at ZUMA

Photo Credit: travelhouseuk
Photo Credit: imaginetudioz

The bar that’s got an absolutely lovely, smart, and elegant crowd, all in one. Being there on this Friday night, there’s nothing short of sweethearts, Every corner and around! In a way that made me feel like Oops...I’ve gotta walk sexy and speak easy here to look as fine and in line. That awkward feeling of never standing shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone around. I mean that’s just me composing a bit before getting the hang.  Good thing I was feeling smart, at least. Well, I was asked to look my sorta best. SO thankfully I was, IMO, all good.

Now, Thank you, Dear Birthday Celebrant!
Because I’ve just been to the bar of the world tonight. I had fun. I hope you, too, had when someone did practically pump up herself and tried to emoticon her way of instant luck with you, lucky man! 

Like I must have already said, I do wish you all you wish yourself!

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