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Monday, September 30, 2013

Terrifying turns pleasing

I’m seriously racked with guilt and regret over some actions I didn’t mean acting to someone a bit cracked nasty and such. Sorry! That used to be my inkling only. He couldn’t blame me when I see always his antipathy whenever he shouts at small things almost round the clock! (Just exaggerating for effect y’know).
Not anymore over time. My impression has changed. Or my immune system has got stronger, maybe? Like if he shouts at me one day, I would say he’s genius yet crazy and I would try to fight back. And if he acts a little more nice another day, I would say he’s dang perfect! Y’see? I’m a little anger junkie but sweet and loving like that.
It was until I seriously look up to his brains that I see his outburst of anger is always balance by good energy. Great thing, really.
Now terrifying turns pleasing.
And because he is leaving the company,
I feel sad. So bad.

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