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Thursday, August 15, 2013

To the Hundred Islands, we go!

A place so beautifully wild, serene, majestic and totally amazing gave me a soothing feeling minus the sunshine, maybe. Need not say, a vacation and an island put together will make a sweet paradise to me. Plus the star gazing with my hunny-bunny, should be!DSCN2768DSC_0029IMG_8215DSC_0166IMG_8310IMG_8383IMG_8455IMG_8291
You could tell someone didn’t really mind soaking up the sun, couldn’t you? LOL. Well, it’s safe to say she’s a life loving friend who enjoys pretty much not the sunshine! IMG_0373IMG_8497IMG_8250 - CopyIMG_8557IMG_8387IMG_8428IMG_8348IMG_8500IMG_8429IMG_8410IMG_8318IMG_8256DSC_0089DSC_0139DSC_0151DSC_0158 - CopyDSC_0171DSC_0172 - Copy

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