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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The beautiful KR-Day4/4

Overall, the trip to South Korea in all its glory was a freaking blast. The minus 2degC temperature we survived. Oh Man! The food. Holy.Cow! The cherry blossoms. Magical! The hotels. OMG! The transpo. Such a break! The Koreans. Gentle and Lovely! I have no more words. I mean everything was just awwwesome!
For the record, believe me, South Korea is the best!
The good thing about it all, I was traveling with someone who is always up and ready for a jaunt after jaunt. And well...her sponsor was a BONUS!
We spent the last day in the heart of it all, The Seoul!IMG_9466IMG_9482IMG_9433IMG_9505IMG_9474IMG_9481IMG_0656IMG_9513IMG_9440IMG_0634IMG_0661IMG_9548IMG_0663IMG_9577

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