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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The beautiful KR-Day2/4

At this very moment, while looking at the photos, a dream vacation to me would be another spring times in South Korea. Just one more time, at least. And the cherry blossoms know why. Really!
Day 2 was an entire trip from Samgilpo to Seoul to Gyeongju via KTX. You bet we had a really tiring yet fantastic trip. Seriously, Gyeongju is fantabulous in spring!IMG_0536IMG_0474IMG_0449IMG_0535IMG_0500IMG_0501IMG_0508IMG_0507IMG_0523IMG_0525IMG_0528IMG_8819IMG_8850IMG_8872IMG_9029IMG_8845IMG_8790IMG_8881IMG_8791IMG_8902IMG_8932IMG_8977IMG_8973IMG_9075IMG_9046IMG_9002IMG_0542IMG_0543IMG_0546IMG_9687IMG_9688IMG_9699IMG_9711IMG_9749IMG_9754IMG_9760IMG_9770IMG_9771IMG_9791IMG_9794IMG_9796IMG_9798IMG_9879IMG_9880IMG_9884IMG_9898IMG_9911IMG_9932IMG_9935

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