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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The beautiful KR-Day3/4

A dream picture with the cherry blossoms came true in Busan. You get my heck of hysteria (over-excitement of sorts!) when we, after driving around Samgilpo to Gyeongju to Busan, finally caught sight of a magical dream come to life.
You see? Fairy tales do really come true!IMG_9324IMG_9132IMG_9133IMG_9137IMG_9148IMG_9184IMG_9185IMG_9205IMG_9226IMG_9230IMG_9232IMG_9259IMG_9264IMG_0564IMG_0561IMG_0558IMG_9319IMG_9318IMG_9387IMG_9400IMG_9416IMG_9408IMG_0615IMG_0608IMG_0575IMG_0624IMG_0630IMG_9426IMG_0632

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