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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

J&R wrap each other in love

when they said the big time YES to loving each other ‘till death do they part at the altar.                               The 26th of October Two Thousand Thirteen
I figured life-changing moment like this would, sure, be most people’s favorite (myself, included). And I often get extra excited to see all photos from the engagement to the wedding shoot that usually make me head over heels jealous.
From the engagement shoot, here are my favorites:
Look at my nephew’s girl here! She’s a doll. And she’s got a really darling figure!960052_713376808674978_909318580_n
Could these high school sweethearts be any cuter? 1462901_713378622008130_1484446781_n13001_713380652007927_1252760608_n561_713376078675051_2121897426_n1450125_713387778673881_769181002_n0061426559_713377448674914_943491886_n999128_713376308675028_1566160397_n1394474_713378572008135_1112523041_n1390692_713390065340319_280691976_n536949_713389942006998_2009111919_n1441508_713392555340070_1993334683_n 602846_713389915340334_337399188_nI heart every photo that so carries the hallmarks of love and I just couldn’t get enough of their sweet little baby. What a cutie! What a lovely three!
Now I can’t wait for the wedding photos!!!
Photos Credit: Rhandolf Bueno Sindo

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Light up the Sky

Sometimes when there’s nowhere else to go and you could only think about stargazing and wish you were somewhere too pretty to always imagine, the best thing to do when the stars aren’t there is,
Light up the sky.
Lovely, isn’t it?
I thought of the movie ‘Tangled’ all the time I was gazing, however, changing the story a little bit (a lot, actually). Imagine how I got wishful thinking setting off my wishes to the heavens and hoping that dear wishing lantern is going to bring me back aaaaaall the luck in the world. *Wink
Keeping all my hopes alive.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Terrifying turns pleasing

I’m seriously racked with guilt and regret over some actions I didn’t mean acting to someone a bit cracked nasty and such. Sorry! That used to be my inkling only. He couldn’t blame me when I see always his antipathy whenever he shouts at small things almost round the clock! (Just exaggerating for effect y’know).
Not anymore over time. My impression has changed. Or my immune system has got stronger, maybe? Like if he shouts at me one day, I would say he’s genius yet crazy and I would try to fight back. And if he acts a little more nice another day, I would say he’s dang perfect! Y’see? I’m a little anger junkie but sweet and loving like that.
It was until I seriously look up to his brains that I see his outburst of anger is always balance by good energy. Great thing, really.
Now terrifying turns pleasing.
And because he is leaving the company,
I feel sad. So bad.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The beautiful KR-Day4/4

Overall, the trip to South Korea in all its glory was a freaking blast. The minus 2degC temperature we survived. Oh Man! The food. Holy.Cow! The cherry blossoms. Magical! The hotels. OMG! The transpo. Such a break! The Koreans. Gentle and Lovely! I have no more words. I mean everything was just awwwesome!
For the record, believe me, South Korea is the best!
The good thing about it all, I was traveling with someone who is always up and ready for a jaunt after jaunt. And well...her sponsor was a BONUS!
We spent the last day in the heart of it all, The Seoul!IMG_9466IMG_9482IMG_9433IMG_9505IMG_9474IMG_9481IMG_0656IMG_9513IMG_9440IMG_0634IMG_0661IMG_9548IMG_0663IMG_9577

The beautiful KR-Day3/4

A dream picture with the cherry blossoms came true in Busan. You get my heck of hysteria (over-excitement of sorts!) when we, after driving around Samgilpo to Gyeongju to Busan, finally caught sight of a magical dream come to life.
You see? Fairy tales do really come true!IMG_9324IMG_9132IMG_9133IMG_9137IMG_9148IMG_9184IMG_9185IMG_9205IMG_9226IMG_9230IMG_9232IMG_9259IMG_9264IMG_0564IMG_0561IMG_0558IMG_9319IMG_9318IMG_9387IMG_9400IMG_9416IMG_9408IMG_0615IMG_0608IMG_0575IMG_0624IMG_0630IMG_9426IMG_0632
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