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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dear Blogger Friends,
I'm over the moon excited to announce to y'all I have partnered with my friend who used to be my officemate but still is my flatmate, Arlette, to start hand-making fashion accessories.
We share the same love and affinity for all things eyeful - add-ons, most of all.  So we both decided it's time to D.I.O and sweet-talk some love to the world.
 Will anyone please roll out the technicolor carpet for us? lol. Because not only have we decided it's name but we have also launched a new facebook page to get some love.

I hope you will find time to have a sneek peak of what we are sweet-talking HERE and we'll sure thank you for your sweetest 'Like' and love *wink

"It’s the love of dressing out with frills which inspired our FancyMakes to come to life. We daresay, there’s nothing our hands cannot play to create fancy dressing ally when imagination goes fashion-juicy and art-y. We chain and clamp our full power with no time to spare to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more to come to wear your day out with a little glitz and style because we want you to look good and stand out!" ~ Let & Neli
Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!

please send us e-mail at fancymakes@gmail.com and we'll sure give you some rock bottom love...

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