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Saturday, July 7, 2012

To whom it may concern

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  Dear heartbroken friend,
I feel your pain. Really, I do. I may not be the expert to give advise but let me tell you,
It's all fine to allow yourself (a note to myself too) to feel the loss. Think about who's talking. Haha.
That way, you would feel like yours doesn't seem so bad. Seriously.
Go cry out loud.
Go to the gym.
Go dancing.
Go crazy.
Go out.
Or all of the above!
Whatever you feel like doing. Loosen up your way. Next thing you'll know, your heart's twinkling again. It's not the end of the world, ya know? You don't stop playing out your life. I pretty know sweet love will find you or you'll find it tomorrow.

Dear Online Dating-Selling friend,
When you called up yesterday being insistent on me going online-dating because I'm pushing thirty-three, I went hormonal, ya know? Like I became "OMG...I'm getting old and I don't wanna be a spinster. Sniff..." And I think your way of asking about it like pretty much every time we talk makes the roundabout pressure. Not only left and right. Really roundabout! Shocks.
I'm so feeling behind all of you and I honestly sort of fancy what I don't have.
Husband. Crying babies. Yea...I want them all too bad.
But can I just bump into sweet love down the Satwa streets, please?
Or I wouldn't mind Sheikh Zayed Road. Or the Media City, maybe?
Like I wouldn't even mind instant volunteers. Any takers?!? Oops! Haha
Dear heavens, please get this friend of mine (ahem) me over the sting!

Dear heart-breakingly heartbreaker,
I'm beginning to tally up and there's not much sign of stopping, though. Talk about amore. WHAT? is so addictive of you. Or I'm just mad like that. Will you please evaporate?

Dear Bacardi Breezers,
I miss you. Like so,so. I can't wait helping myself to your sweetness. I am braver with you, ya know?


Pamsoy said...

so am I the online dating-selling friend??

for what its worth...

nELi. said...

You really wanna be a stand-up seller, huh!

I'm saving myself for the really,really bad one. Like the bad of all bads, y'know? HAHAHA

Bleeeeeeeeh :P

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