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Friday, July 13, 2012

happy 3rd year, baby!

First off,
Happy Friday the thirteenth, (whether or not you believe the connotation), everyone!
 This must be a superstition passed down from generation to generation, yea? And I used to (still am) personally (irrationally, though)  sort of 'better-believe-it-than-not' because well, it's traditionally widespread like that.

And because today's aligning Friday and 13 and my 3rd year of blogging (how lucky!),
I gotta believe it's not going to turn out really unlucky to me. No suspicion, really.
Do I sound keeping my cool? Hihi.

Seriously, I have no fear of today. Best thing is, I feel like today is just my lucky day.
Believe it or not bloggy, today is your very lucky birthday.

Happy 3rd year, baby!

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