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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few favorites of today and lately

  • Lightweeks ago...(as in, light as a month and 8 days), I was grateful my nephew came after going through a bit of a hard time getting his passport stamped by the Philippines' Immigration swindlers officers. He was the last person to board the plane, though. Worse yet, he lost his PRC License from the silly scrutiny. Any Filipino who sponsors a visit visa to Dubai knows the painful hassles and lives by the fear of a non-sensical offloading policy that's just so blatantly money-milking, doubtlessly. Thank the Lord Almighty he made it without them smiling all-ears. Otherwise, pity them because I won't let my nephew give them a single penny. 
    Well, because pass or fuzz, we're out of cash.

  • I'm beaming with excitement thanking my fortune because I was granted a Visit Visa to Korea after much ado about complying all documents beyond normal requirements. Yay not! I actually want to post here the shining so bright VISA stamped in my passport but it's scary to reveal passport details in public, yea? And the thing about 'Yay not!' is, I honestly haven't planned of visiting Korea yet. Not yet. Because traveling just have to be outta my system, really. Think about a silly me. But trust me, I feel pissy and I wont talk much any longer to avoid feeling probably high on adrenaline throwing tantrums because it's how I picture myself in my mind in times so bad I couldn't feel more sorry. IF only I have millions of dirhams today.
    Sigh. I'm just toying the idea of breathing freedom to travel like everyyyyy-day.
  • Fifteen days back, my nephew's got an offer that made me even more grateful. He was offered a Staff Nurse position with HAAD licensing condition, anyway. I felt like he was a touchy feely mushy not-so-happy-yet-much-happier because first of all, he'd just taken the exam a month's back in Cebu which turned out badly that it should take him another couple of months to qualify again and second of all, he needed to wait for his authenticated school credentials to come by the time of the offer yet. So I got it when he felt like he wasn't going to be as fortunate as it seemed to be.
and finally TODAAAAAY...

is just a better offer day. Think about a sponsoring auntie's happy thoughts of 'nephew's-gotta-job'.
CONGRATS, nephew! Hands up.  

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