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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adidas Sample Sale

Yesterday, I went with my roommate and her boyfriend in a sample-sale crowd we didn't really expect as huge as it was. It's a three-day sale for those with previliged sample-sale cards only (we thought so because it was said to be). I got my card from a good friend in Adidas, btw. The house opens at 10:00 in the morning and we got there like 10:30. We were so much amazed at the crowd and how much stuff' every person accumulated when we got there. There was nothing left displayed for us anymore. We actually thought the sale wasn't really well advertised that everyone would pile stuff in boxes. Geeez!

Of course, we stayed and walked around hoping people would throw away those stuff they're having second-thoughts of (it was our only chance y'know) and Yay! we found some that looked like a big of treasure too. But *sigh*, I only made a couple of small purchases. For the pretty good prices, I lusted after several jackets but they were out of my reach because I am not really supposed to shop until maybe next year or so. WTF!

Now can you imagine this darling of a shoes at AED50?!? Of course I didn't just want to imagine. I bought it for moi. My chirstmas gift for moi. Thank you, moi! Hehe
And the not-so-sweet ninang that I am bought this sweet pinky pair for my god daughter, little hanggaw Tylaling, (because the mother wont stop asking, i know.haha).
Pretty fair price and worth the sweat of digging , yeah?!?

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