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Monday, October 31, 2011

Room 101

Halloween is so coming and to make it fun-tabulous, myself and the roomies are planning of throwing our own party at the flat. Ohwell, the title above makes it a little scary that could probably chill up anyone's spine, yeah?!? It does sound a lot like a horror movie. doesn't it?!?

Room 101. *Howling...
Whewww! there's something in our room. No,no. Nothing, of course. I'm just scaring myself witless y'know :)

But wait...that means I'm looking for a spooktacular halloween-ey costume for moi and I have all these googled I so likey...

Source/Photo credit: starsinthegutter.tumblr.com

Source: Google

Source: Google
It isn't really so obvious I'm obsessed with all things stripes, is it?!? haha.
This one is guaranteed to scare you, isn't it?!?
Photo Credit: my friend, chaquee''s fb :)

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