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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One day soon...

Yesterday I had the perfect time to tell someone I am hiding something from, supposedly. But, still, I didn't have the knock to push through. My gut instinct, actually, tells me she knows it already and sort of wants to hear it from me only.

I didn't tell her before because I, sure, didn't want to cut all ties or feel distant even but God knows how I'm stabbed with conscience aaaall the time and how I don't want to be mistrusted. I never lied to her. I never did but yes, I broke a promise and hid it from her and it's yesterday's vibes she gave me that I am shot to pieces now. She really is a dear good friend and it's making me feel heavy-hearted and troubled like that.

I felt bad and so uncomfortable especially yesterday when I had the chance to really open things up after she's talked about the guy but I was held on. It was a tense moment, really. I was scared of confrontation that I thought was so coming.

I promise one day I'm gonna tell her. One day soon...

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