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Monday, October 24, 2011

Jay & Jeody: The Wedding

I am in a state of perpetual happy tears knowing my beautiful neice, Jeody (a.ka. Paduday), and the handsome father of her child, Jay, vowed forever to one another. (Oh how cute were you two?)
and their greatest moment of all!
She's made the most beautiful bride and I would have been tearing up the whole time if I was there. I'm just so,so happy for her.

They make quite the cutest couple!
and look at them walking on to the reception! and that reception is sweeeet. Just beautiful! Ughh...I'm soo jealous. Oops! :)
and I would die to have a cake as elegant as this in my wedding someday!
Nah...i wanna get married soooon! LOLs

PLUS how i love these perfectly captured candid moments, here!
the MOTHER of the BRIDE, my ever beautiful sister (ahem...ahem...No favoritism, really!)
 the MAID of HONOR, my ever beautiful neice (no way she looked like a gay like the kuyas said)
and the GROOM's MEN, my ever handsome nephews. Yes, handsome. Of course!

and the sweeeest of them all...Hello, Guess! I love you :)

I love you all! More than words! and CONGRATULATIONS, you two!


Syigim said...

weddings are always beautiful :) doesn't the bride wear traditional filipino dress? would love to see one :)

nELitA. said...

Oh right, Syigim. I love weddings because I get excited to think about mine too (minus the groom yet, though).Haha. Christian Filipinos don't. It's always the conventional white long dress I've seen so far. But maybe others do. Will post it here for you if i get to see one :)


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