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Monday, October 31, 2011

Room 101

Halloween is so coming and to make it fun-tabulous, myself and the roomies are planning of throwing our own party at the flat. Ohwell, the title above makes it a little scary that could probably chill up anyone's spine, yeah?!? It does sound a lot like a horror movie. doesn't it?!?

Room 101. *Howling...
Whewww! there's something in our room. No,no. Nothing, of course. I'm just scaring myself witless y'know :)

But wait...that means I'm looking for a spooktacular halloween-ey costume for moi and I have all these googled I so likey...

Source/Photo credit: starsinthegutter.tumblr.com

Source: Google

Source: Google
It isn't really so obvious I'm obsessed with all things stripes, is it?!? haha.
This one is guaranteed to scare you, isn't it?!?
Photo Credit: my friend, chaquee''s fb :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jay & Jeody: The Wedding

I am in a state of perpetual happy tears knowing my beautiful neice, Jeody (a.ka. Paduday), and the handsome father of her child, Jay, vowed forever to one another. (Oh how cute were you two?)
and their greatest moment of all!
She's made the most beautiful bride and I would have been tearing up the whole time if I was there. I'm just so,so happy for her.

They make quite the cutest couple!
and look at them walking on to the reception! and that reception is sweeeet. Just beautiful! Ughh...I'm soo jealous. Oops! :)
and I would die to have a cake as elegant as this in my wedding someday!
Nah...i wanna get married soooon! LOLs

PLUS how i love these perfectly captured candid moments, here!
the MOTHER of the BRIDE, my ever beautiful sister (ahem...ahem...No favoritism, really!)
 the MAID of HONOR, my ever beautiful neice (no way she looked like a gay like the kuyas said)
and the GROOM's MEN, my ever handsome nephews. Yes, handsome. Of course!

and the sweeeest of them all...Hello, Guess! I love you :)

I love you all! More than words! and CONGRATULATIONS, you two!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye, dear friend!

"While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil." ~John Taylor
A good friend I was talking about in my post here was more than an ex-housemate. I may not be her best friend or near the closest but I counted her as a dear good friend and a blessing to her family and all the good friends.

It's a very sad news she stopped fighting yesterday. However, we all know there is nothing anyone could have done that would have changed God's plan for her and I'm sure she's in a much better place now. I will always have her memory.

Goodbye, Dear Friend. May you rest in eternal peace with God.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One day soon...

Yesterday I had the perfect time to tell someone I am hiding something from, supposedly. But, still, I didn't have the knock to push through. My gut instinct, actually, tells me she knows it already and sort of wants to hear it from me only.

I didn't tell her before because I, sure, didn't want to cut all ties or feel distant even but God knows how I'm stabbed with conscience aaaall the time and how I don't want to be mistrusted. I never lied to her. I never did but yes, I broke a promise and hid it from her and it's yesterday's vibes she gave me that I am shot to pieces now. She really is a dear good friend and it's making me feel heavy-hearted and troubled like that.

I felt bad and so uncomfortable especially yesterday when I had the chance to really open things up after she's talked about the guy but I was held on. It was a tense moment, really. I was scared of confrontation that I thought was so coming.

I promise one day I'm gonna tell her. One day soon...

Monday, October 10, 2011

All my thoughts and prayers for a good friend

I was (still am) feeling heavy-hearted when I saw the critical health condition of a good friend yesterday. All my thoughts and prayers are with her.

Dear Lord Almighty,
we ask that you look with mercy and grace toward our dear friend, Raquel. We faithfully ask you to be with her now as you work in her life. You know her sickness and the burden she carries. Please stay with her always and comfort her with your presence. We have faith in you, Lord, to heal her. That she's going to get through this and live life normally, again. Above all. let your will be done, Oh Lord.

Praying for your mighty healing miracle, Dear Lord.