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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was hoping for Ms. Malaysia, too!

Really I couldn't agree more with the brilliant people out there questioning why Ms. Malaysia wasn't in the final five. She's got a real combo of beauty and intelligence and she was one of my favorites. I was personally hoping for her (over China and Brazil). Anyways, you did it all well, Deborah!


Syigim said...

hi nelita! was surprised with joy to see your blog title today :) even i havent seen this clip, n i'm a fellow msian! haha...

thanks for sharing :) if i were an animal, i'd be a penguin because they walk funny, wear a tuxedo and sooo cute :)

nELitA. said...

Hello, syigim! Yes, I was following MU 2011 like I was one of them too. LOL. And yes, your contender was really good. I was hoping she would make it to the fab five, really.

Haha. Penguin is soo cute for a self resemblance huh. Hmmn...let me think another for myself :)

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