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Sunday, August 14, 2011

it's my bad day today

Bad days strike without warning, like today. It's when I come to break down.

Firstly, there's one ugly thing I wish I didn't do to someone because I, sure, wouldn't be happy experiencing it myself. Although there's this horrible stab of conscience I feel all the time, I tried to gamble because i felt someone's worth the spin. But it appears like I get a little topsy-turvy and feel like I'm lost again. Worse thing even, he talks to me like I'm just a coldhearted bitch. The feeling is painful, really, that I bursted into tears. It isn't the overly sensitive of me. It's the intense feeling. No more drama, I'd said and though I fight it, sometimes it just comes out. I'm guessing he thinks I'm tough. Whatever that means, I'm not. At least not yet today.

Secondly, today gives me the terrible scare of my detestable fiscal wing. I seemed to have taken my deepest breath ever. The guy's face and the collapsing threats he gave me can actually take residence in my head forever and a day. I wish I can beautifully articulate how terribly freaked out my face was. Sigh. Thanks to a work mate who helped me sort it out.

It, really, is my bad day today. But I'm fairly certain this, too, shall pass.

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