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Sunday, July 24, 2011

the quite fun-taste-tic pre-birthday surprise

Shocks! Obviously, I was powered a mega-watt look and smile on my face like this :D

First off, let me tell you what in the world happened and how stupefied I had been.

Some time two weeks ago, hanggaw capa asked me to join with her and the husband in their plan of meeting a guy relative (single-ness guaranteed, puede!) coming by for a short vacation of sorts. Perfect reason to join, luxurious dinner at the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel. How could I ever say NO? Course I said, sure! Big time sure! I was excited and posted Le vere pronto, palacio!

All the long while I'd played the victim (with a pinch of torment telling it now) until I found out later that Thursday night [21st July] that dear hanggaw friends actually booked a dinner all for an early birthday catch-up celebration. As in 5 days early so who would have thought? Even it is something I dont really have mucho in mind today, really. I blame it to being penniless, though. I was super glad yet with a face so giggling-funny for words (as in, they were tickled like that) at my dull and lull reaction to see no one but hanggaw mariano (alone she sat, unfamiliarly). HAHA. Screwy, huh!

The surprise was successfully pulled off because well, my birthday isn't until the day after tomorrow. All thanks to the hanggaws because the night was quite packed for me with unbelievably, Emirates Palace Hotel (WRONG!), Tiara (Check!) and Hilton (Check!). Plus the loveliest of presents, what more can I ask?

Tiara is some fine-dining revolving restaurant I, for one, was eyeing for it long time but rather thought I would never ever have a good enough of an excuse to surely spend a fortune (Well, sometimes I'm all fortunate to get things I least expect...amazingly all for free. Hehe) dining out here. The place is altogether distinct, classy and supernatural. Sightseeing 360 degrees of the beautiful Abudhabi gave us nothing short of fantastic (no motion sickness, even). And the heavenly seafoods (whole lobster and mussels, most esp.)...I salute!

(All apologies to hanggaw capa, she's not so lucky to have some seafood allergies. Shame, though)

Then, surprisingly, played a happy birthday song and along came the guys (as in, all guys) joining us and singing to the tune with a chocolate fudge birthday cupcake rolled out on the table. How sweet! I had myself a beautiful, really special pre-birthday surprise.
(Thank you, all Tiara guys!...except that I didn't really like how the way you spelled Neli. hehe)

Sumptous seafoods at Tiara and a drink of Viennesse Iced Coffee at the fabulous Hilton hotel...all with the bestest, however hanggaws, of friends got me quite the loveliest and real fun-taste-tic days before my birthday.

Hanggaws, that was uber thoughtful and all around sweet of you!...literally and figuratively sweet as I am, though. Oops. Seriously, thank you, thank you. Like major,major THANK YOU! It was all touching and special and I feel all awesome to be loved. I loooves you too big time! :)

And lots of pictures, here :)

Huggs to you, hanggaws!

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