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Saturday, July 2, 2011

meet my sister!

After all my revelations from my previous post, 29 tales of my twenty-something, I'm giving her some love because yesterday was her birthday. Yay. My happy birthday wishes to a now 52-year old sister!
[And oh, I love all her photos in this collage as she doesn't really look her own age. does she?]

Her name is Isabelita and she's actually leading the pack of TA's so you won't be surprised by my name, Nelita. Trendy, huh. HAHA. Some people say we super look alike. I said it to myself too. She's the eldest of 8 siblings and with a 20-year age gap with me after 24 days from today. I'm the sibling number 8, by the way. She'd suffered much the loss of our parents more than any of the elder siblings did because being the eldest, you'd probably know the responsibility.

Well, I'm not some jerk sharing with you a big part of me is irritated at her one time, and then absolutely loving her the next. Of course, NOT. I can absolutely feel as good and bad a normal person as you are. I love her dearly although I don't normally get to say it [that's so not me]. How protective she is of me is always bittersweet, though. After all, she's a sentimental mother-and-father-figure sister who sure really hadn't a happy and care-free years all her life and I respect her with all my heart.

A very good friend, hanggaw mariano, and I thought about a breakfast treat at Mugg & Bean. Another very good friend, hanggaw pamsoy , actually congratulated yet BOO-ed me at that. It's never been my tradition to treat her [or anyone in the family] on occassion of birthdays, by the way, so she was like 'hey, i can't believe that!' to had phoned me right just upon knowing the thought. As if she couldn't really believe I can be sweet like that. Haha. Congratulated with the mere thought, thank you... thank you! BOO-ed with the where-to-eat-what?, Ugh...i wanted to throw her a punch-in-the-face with a warranty of tongue-in-cheek before she could run for her life. lol.

After giving Mugg & Bean a second-thought, a sister's friend-slash-roommate recommended Jones the grocer for a good lunch treat, instead. Someone tell me this is sweeter, please :)

I was glad about the place, really. But you get it when I couldn't be heavier-hearted after hearing most of them said like we could have had gone to this place and that... because they believed the place and the foods were not for them. I, sure as hell, know they don't want to come back because they just didn't enjoy the foods they ordered much as I did. I paid AED521 of heavens so thank goodness, I was loving my mac with cheese, at least.

And a birthday post is not complete without a flash of the foods we ordered, of course. Served and presented like no other. How many of you think eating on a not so common as a plate but on a wooden chopping board is so very artistic? I, for one.

Sadly, with the dilemma of what-to-eat-on-a-budget level at the back of my mind, I thought I'd just have some comfort food. I didn't go wrong with an old and familiar mac 'n' cheese served with garlic bread, anyway. A little boring but good enough to satiate my cheese-loving tummy.
Another one ordered the so-said Jones the grocer signature burger, wagyu burger. It’s a wagyu beef, with fresh salad and melted cheese. It looks appealing, yes. It tastes yummy, Uh-oh No. Bad thing, really, when he actually didn't like it because he said it was way too salty that he ended like a lazy burger eater to leave half of it down. Who would have guessed? Sigh. While some had char grilled chicken and this one was awesome. At least for me. I tasted it and I would come back to eat it if someone offers a good food treat, really. Good angels, hear me:)! It appears unsightly, sorry though, when a chicken thigh is covered with a yellow-ish sauce that many, myself included, laughed at it like yikes! But hey, it was divine.
Most importantly, after all of us were done with our meals, it came as something of a surprise for the birthday celebrant when some of the staff gathered to sing and clap 'happy birthday' loud and gave her some cakes and candles to blow because yours truly managed to ask for it. That was super sweet of me and them, i know...i know :)
"Thank you sa surprise, day!", my sister uttered.

It's sweet. It's rare and it's a beautiful thing when you have family and good friends that just get together sometimes, especially on birthday treats.LOL

Happy Birthday, Isabelits a.k.a Inday Elly!

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