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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday & Fujairah

Yes, I did mention it in there's something good about tomorrow and because I have no internet connection at home, let me just flash you back to that particular fun day today. I, probably, need to warn you that this is going to be a very picture-heavy post! :)
June 30, 2011 [Thursday]---
The day started off quite extraordinarily when we got to enjoy riding off Dubai. Two work mates and I headed our way of little adventure to hit Fujairah emirate, for my first time all years in UAE. It is adventures like these that make any holidays sweet. Although it was like a day of brave-driving to our solo man and we can, actually, tell he definitely had his stressful day but, well, we enjoyed the comfort of just sitting the ride pretty:) Truly, we [myself and the other lady work mate] are always game for a ride, however long, multiple times a non-working day. Tell you, we planned about a route like Dubai->Fujairah->Al Ain->Abudhabi->Dubai. You see? But that, of course, was a plan our solo man implied DAMN NO WAY. HAHA.

It took us about 3-hour and a half driving and there's not much to tell about any impressive-looking apart from the rocky mountains and the known Masafi and Friday market along the road through Fujairah and Oman. For the sake of picture-taking, we did stop.

Very best thing, we have a dear Indian work mate assigned to a project around town Qidfa. Fast forward driving, we reached their house (where we spent most of the day) like almost lunch time and they were so very kind to offer us some food of his dear wife's specialty before we could wander around.

The place is a 5-km drive to the famous Khorfakkan beach when wanting to indulge in a fun day/evening swim. We ventured off after we had our quick lunch and later on had foods again to our hearts content at Golden Fork by the beach.

The beach didn't really look so inviting. But we hopped aboard a speed boat we were so wanting to ride. WOW. It was a sweet treat of the sweet Indian couple. Thank God for them!

Myself (I am the one wearing a checkered top, just in case anyone is curious) + the 2 game-st work mates + dear Indian couple too and yes, we are a little camera crazy like always :)

For the speedy boat ride alone, I am voting for a Fujairah re-visit any free-ride time, of course :D

And ended the day at Taj Mahal, India [way,way and waaaay farther than Al-Ain, yahooo!]. How could that be? HAHA. Just helicoptering, sweetheart. What were you thinking?!?

Another sweet treat of heaven :) Thank you, dear couple!

Not wanting to come back to Dubai at night time, we tried to find some budget hotels to squeeze ourselves overnight. By the middle of checking online, dear Indian work mate passionately managed to arrange our stay at our company's guest house. Perfect! We had the entire 3-bedroom flat for us and it sure had a claim to the words so very cosy.

All in all the trip to Fujairah was sort of fun and we all owe a huge and genuine thanks to the lovely Indian couple for every help they did and every treat they gave. Yes, they did it all. We hope to see you, guys, next time around :)
and a really, really big love to our sweetest love of the day, dear Viano!
Hope you are all having a great day before the week ends tomorrow!

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