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Sunday, July 31, 2011

friday birthday-dance

Friday [July 29, 2011]
A night of music with the birthday-diva, Mariel
Comfort Inn Hotel, Dubai

Mariel is a good friend I met some time around 4 years back. She used to be my roommate during my early years in Dubai and the really good friend that she is does make time to keep in touch every heyday she gets. She's very,very good like that and I, however unfair and unworthy, hold her dear all my heart so I went my way to a night of music in celebration of her big,big day.

Happy birthday, Ye! God bless you all the way.
I had a wonderful night and even more wonderful when I danced my ass away (even if I wasn't sure I was capable of dancing, really) and I was so funny like yikes! (just check out our video here).Hehe.

I guess I might need to get in the habit of dancing (but, sure, when no one is actually watching). HAHAHA.

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