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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tina marrying Jason

Like I have blogged couple of days back, another good friend is getting married.

It's Tina marrying Jason.

We don't know Jason personally and we haven't watched how their relationship together blossomed to what it was that night but we couldn't be any happier for Tina levelling up to marriage, all in the name of LOVE.

They both look really sweet, don't they?
I hated it when I, being the loud-mouthed, didn't totally handle the part of dishing the dirt on her. Oops, I kid. It isn't really like she's done dirty things in her life because she's all wholesome. I was only thinking of dishing the little silent-killer of her, you know :)

From R to L: Hanggaw Pamyoks, myself and the happiest of couple
The 'First Dance' of the couple was a lot of fun, dancing all hearts away. We all looked at them in happiness.

To the most happiest, JUST MARRIED, Tina & Jason:
Together you, two, are complete and you make a sweet and lovely couple. Wishing you guys a lifetime of love and happiness!

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