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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Search

At the outset, I'd really,really like to congratulate myself for doing something unusual, WOW. Well, maybe, a sort of full advantage of time when I am so disconnected from the world and I attribute that to having dysfunctional laptop for a while now plus, of course, having no boyfriend to add a little adventure anytime anyday. Let me say, I am a little mess sort of. Pathetic, huh. Thanks I have mucho time to blog while at work, anyway.

Last night, i finished reading another book. My second read so far. And I will, most likely, read lots more. And for that, I am very proud of myself right now (feeling like a little bit of a genius, that is). Oops, I must tell I put quite a big effort into that so please, anyone, give me a chance :)

"To most people, Fiona Bristow seems to have an idyllic life — a quaint house on an island off Seattle’s coast, a thriving dog-training school, and a challenging volunteer job performing canine search and rescue. Not to mention her three intensely loyal Labs. But Fiona got to this point by surviving a nightmare.

Several years ago, she was the only survivor of a serial killer — a madman who stalked and abducted young women, strangled them, and left them buried with a red scarf on their bodies. As authorities were closing in on the Red Scarf Killer, he shot and killed Fiona’s cop fiancĂ© and his K-9 partner.

On Orcas Island, Fiona has found the peace and solitude she needed to rebuild her life. Yet all that changes on the day Simon Doyle barrels up her drive, desperate for her help. He’s the reluctant owner of an out-of-control puppy, foisted upon him by his mother. Jaws has eaten through Simon’s house, and he’s at his wit’s end.
To Fiona, Jaws is nothing she can’t handle. Simon is another matter. A newcomer to Orcas, he’s a rugged and intensely private artist, known for creating exquisite furniture. Simon never wanted a puppy, and he most definitely doesn’t want a woman. Besides, the lanky redhead is not his type. But tell that to the laws of attraction.

As Fiona embarks on training Jaws and as Simon begins to appreciate both dog and trainer, the past tears back into Fiona’s life. A copycat killer has emerged out of the shadows, a man whose bloodlust has been channeled by a master with one motive: to reclaim the woman who slipped out of his hands". . . .
~Publisher's Summary~

Most of the times, movies or real life stories, Either way I always tend to jump into believing my instincts of what could happen next. Although I am usually right, things were definitely not what I had in mind here. After all, it's me who seldom reads, you know.

From a first-time reader's point of view, this book was just hard to put down. I'm not much of a dog lover (though I can't help admiring some very cute ones) but that didn't stop me from flipping through it with excitement and thrill.

All the mushy and not-so-cheesy things made me a little dreamy for a man of a lifetime. Haha. Sigh. I guess I had asked recommendations for pretty good reads of romance sorts and this was just very fitting.

And Simon suits me, really. Oops! :)

Now, I guess I am forced to a lot more and I have 'Once in a Lifetime' to read next. Yay!

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