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Monday, June 13, 2011

happy birthday june borns!

I'm dropping wishes for my june-born friends,

Arlan - 9th; Jamaica - today,13th; Ralph - 22nd

Don't they just look strikingly gorgeous at thirty-something?!?

That radiant and glowing skin of Arlan and Ralph and that stunning beauty of terribly young-looking Jamaica. How could they worry about aging? tell me.
Sure you would have guessed they were the twenty-something young celebs, I bet.
I (pushing 32, just like them) am insanely jealous that i'd like to drop to my knees and pray I'd get just a little bit of their drop-dead awesomeness at least:)


But hmm...I might need some botox, face lifts, or plastic surgery in that case. LOL. Shocks, I can see the lines around my eyes from my laughing. TSK TSK.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you all, anyways. Age handsomely and beautifully. Like naturally.

I hope you guys [had,have,will have] a total blast!


Syigim said...

i'm a june baby too!!! now lookin for a nice steakhse to plan a bday dinner ;)

nELitA. said...

what day in June? Anyways, happy birthday month! enjoy everything about your month:)

Aku said...

i'm gemini too...

nELitA. said...

oh, happy birthday month to you too! :)

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