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Thursday, June 16, 2011

no-ordinary wednesday

Last night a roommate, my neice and I went for a not-so-quick swimming at the Jumeirah open beach. It was fun. And oh, the whole time wasn't really swimming. Not at all. Not that I'm not much of a sea lover (I have this fear and suspicion of sea monsters; i like it more swimming in a pool) but we can't help but stay in the shallow end because the shore-breaking big waves seriously could injure us. But still. Fighting with the waves was a lot of fun. I suspected some body pain today actually. Great at all and thank you Mighty Lord, there was nothing when I woke up.

On our way home, I couldn't miss snapping a beautiful sight of the moon before the headlined total lunar eclipse could start.*Sorry these weren't so clear because I don't really have a decent camera so I had to use my phone only

The news tells like it's the first lunar eclipse of 2011 and the longest (as in, 100-minute long) in nearly 11 years. It has to occur between 2100hrs to 0100hrs. No ordinary, huh.

I uttered I would wait to see it to, at least, say that I've seen one because it happens once in a very blue moon and who knows I probably won't be living (God forbid!...*knock on wood) when it happens again.

I tried to stay up and took a quick gander at around 1040hrs but it was not much impressive yet so I didn't stand outside and thought I'd just pop out like after more or less 30 minutes. Next thing i time-checked,

What the F?!? I slept through it. I SO MISSED IT.
My bad. My loss. Sigh.

Now, am watching a stunning footage of it. Yeah, yeah I know it would have been more impressive in person.

Anyhow, happy Thursday, everyone!

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