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Saturday, June 4, 2011

the cooking hanggaws

The hanggaws, rarely together these days, met up last Thursday night in a chinese restaurant catching up while sharing a happy cooking [no fancy, really] and eating experience like no other.

Rarely because they both are married and are so caught up with their own lives. Hanggaw capa is busy with her labelling sorts while hanggaw mariano is busy with her Tylaling-loving and I am busy with my pity parties too. Oops, I joke. I am, honest-to-goodness, contentedly hanging in here because I trust my time will come. Till then, I might as well have fun.
So, we had a fun cooking and eating time at Yanshuang, a great little chinese restaurant. We ordered a hot pot shabu shabu and we were served a bowl of pre-heated water with a crab leg or two that was intended to be placed on a burner set just in the middle of our table so we could bring it to a boil.

Then followed a plate of mixed fresh vegetables, bermecelli, some tofu, and thin slices of raw chicken meat with really no rules of cooking. Like it was all up to us.

Right away we started the cooking ourselves. We just went with whatever we wanted. Like we put everything together at a time. Yes, we are cooking experts like that. Haha.

But we figured what the heck, we used to joke about hanggaw capa not eating vegetables. Before, she wouldn't mind eating tuna all days in a week, of course, just not veggies and soups.

But we didn't have a word looking at her that night because, miracle does happen sometimes, she had no problem munching on almost all veggies there and sipping to the last few spoonfuls of soup.

Yeah, we imagined like it should have taken the husband long way sneaking some into her dishes before she finally started eating like that. Yay, kudos to the real good and influential husband she's got!

We seasoned with salt and pepper and tada.dannn...we're done. I mixed a sort of peanut butter sauce and it was all delicious! 

It was, sure thing, a nice start to the weekend!


チョコ said...

i ate similar food in Thailand & its super yummy ^^

nELitA. said...

glad we share the same taste for :)

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