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Saturday, May 21, 2011

a tourist-y friday

Normally viewing and just pointing my finger on such a brightly lit looking-like-an-island-kiosk (or what) not far away from a frequented Jumeirah open beach, I used to think I need a really,really good fortune to get into this bling somewhere off the coast of either the Jumeirah Beach Hotel or the Burj Al Arab(short of breath from a long sentence here...whew!).

Never did I know I share the same thought with my office mate until we talked about it just recently. We were so intrigued that we googled and found out it is the '360 Degrees' pub atop 'The Marina Seafood' resto just off the coast of that breaking wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

We both said we'd like to get on in someday soon. So that said, I guess there's nothing soon(er) than todaaay. YES! After working in Dubai for almost 5 years, I am [insert all smiles, here] happy to tell I had gotten inside along with my office mates earlier today. No good fortune literally, really.

And this is why today, walking and climbing up our way to 360 Degrees, is such a tourist-y friday.

It is open everyday but there are regular events on Fridays and Saturdays that the entry on these days (especially between 5pm and 8pm) should have been by guestlist only, although it says to open for everyone after 8pm. Access to it can either be from the main Jumeirah Beach Hotel lobby or to the far right of the hotel, where u catch sight of this standing-still camel here,

We didn't make a reservation nor an online registration as guests because we didn't intend to stay long. A drink should be enough for a sunset pleasure, we planned. We went early to talk our way through and BINGO! Should the lady at the entrance hadn't been nice and easy, we wouldn't have had got in, though.

Now from the gate to the 360 Degrees can quite be a walk so either you get a club cart or just walk and enjoy the beautiful inside,

And there goes the 360 Degrees, behind us. You think the name says it all, don't you? Right. It's an open-air perfectly shaped 360 Degrees...the simplest yet funkiest ever seen.

There were us getting uuup,


It feels like being on a boat party getting at the top and look, past me, here...just that beautiful icon of the world can get anyone WOW!

PLUUUS the stunning Jumeirah Beach Hotel, of course. Notice it magnificently lit up at night too

The pub is actually a two-level rooftop with the cocktails bar on it's upper level and a dance floor anywhere anyone feels, i guess. It has tables and comfy leather sofas and beanbags at the lower level.

It's like come-as-you-are dress code, by the way. Like casual [the Europeans way]. We saw the crowd wasn't really sophisticated. Although most were Europeans that were there to just party like no one in the world cares. The place can be intimidating, perhaps, so better come in a group and preferably yet, make a reservation beforehand.

We couldn't stay long much as we planned for a drink, at least, because all tables and seats were reserved. Perfectly FINE. The drinks were sure pricey and the evening was humid so you know why i said perfectly FINE. House music was great, though, while we had pleasure moments of the setting sun.

Couple of pictures and we're done.

But when the night wears on, it's the best time you see the icon of the world here lights up with beautiful colors to get you HANDS DOWN!

And I could stare at this stunning Burj all night.
But no,no. I shouldn't when there's the 'Bar Zar' to go right next corner to have a good time. It's a tourist-y friday, after all.

I didn't mind a glass of no-good wine and a captain hook of why the hell it is named like one I don't know.

because it's another free of heaven and I couldn't just complain.

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