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Sunday, May 15, 2011

TM stops: Musandam Dibba,Day1&2

A sensational land of rocky mountains.
An exquisite adventure.

I went, again, for a 3-day trip with some of my coleagues sometime during the Eid holiday last year. It was a lovely idea of my Indian officemate's Filipina wife that they and us (myself and another officemate) should go for a camping trip together.

I tried to stay away from spending. But I guess it was a trip my mind so wanted. Luckily it didn't cost us much dirhams and effort. We were only to hitch (as in, fare-free) a ride. The joy of riding plus the excitement of camping. Oh, life. Not over my limits. Not a big deal.

We went through the Ras Al Khaimah border and we couldn't just hit Oman without pulling over for some shots every chance we got. Haha

Some photos taken before reaching the border

Now, it's the border! And by the way, for the security control requirement, you need to take with you either your passport or your labor card and a bit of charm, too.

We would have stayed in this hotel, if not was it fully-booked. Never mind. We stayed in and out, anyway. The couple knows the GM so we were like the VIPs.Cheeky!:)

Finally, splashing out to the camp site - the sandy yet beautiful Basa Beach adjacent to the Golden Tulip Hotel.

We set up our tents around even more campers...

And there was the one hundred-star hotel, ☺☺☺

Night events: campfire, bbqs, games, and TEQUILA...wait, glasses of tequila.

Then we woke up every morning to this blissful sunrise so telling...Good morning, Musandam!
Good Morning, Friends!

A morning walk around...

Of course we made sure we had in our mind the most important things not-to-be-missed the two days - a drive to the wadi bih and dhow cruising most especially. The first day was a bit of fun scouting to get to the wadi bih. The towering mountains. The blue skies. 
All the good terrains, we fell in love.

We had no idea we'd climb rocks from hopping over. Oops...'t was just a show I never want to tell you, though. But sure you'd find out when i wore my climbing helmet so wrong. Look where the chin straps had gone? The shame! lol

Sadly, we tried to drive far more offroad to get to the famous wadi, but only got halfway. You need a 4-wheel drive to make it all the way up, to be most safe. On our way back, we were caught with these extraordinary trees and we couldn't just get home without a photo with it. It looked like a bit of history. Life at the time of Moses y'know...

Now, having checked a drive to the wadi bih off our minds, we needed to relax and cool off...

At night, like every night, nothing can beat a campfire. We had bbqs, courtesy of the Golden Tulip-GM's family, and MORE foods. The evening was fun with games overload.

And this is the cutest ESME who gave us the total whoopee. So darling. So sweet.

Day 1 & 2: Over and out!

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