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Sunday, May 15, 2011

TM stops: Musandam Dibba, Day3

Without further ado, i want to shout out, "The dhow cruise was FANTABULOUS!"

We woke up with faces so brimming with smiles. It was our last day so we wanted to make the most out of our stay. Overly excited, we went fast to the fishing harbour,

The cruise started at 9am. We paid only AED150 because like i said, we were like the VIPs. Ahem, ahem. Pardon me if i get so nervy. Truth is, the Golden Tulip GM had to pre-book to get us discount. He understood we wanted (or needed) it very well. Haha. There we were, climbing aboard...

We were told to have a couple of stops for dolphin watching, fishing, swimming and snorkeling. Now look at this vibrant green and blue waters here, somehow it felt like sharks could come out anytime...

and hmmn...what was i so thinking hard here?...i wonder O_o

Sad thing, we missed to see the happy dolphins. We waited but they were nowhere appearing. So, we did a photoshoot, instead.

On board lunch was served. There were bbqs we definitely didn't miss. Then our next stop was to go snorkeling. Because we don't know how to swim, we were handed life vests. Oh, my. We looked like kids and felt so anxious that delayed us to jump off. I had to think twice...and much, since it was my first time ever snorkeling. At 31?!? Geeeez...someone, please understand. I live near the sea, back home, but i didn't like swimming (then). I was nearly drowned when I was a kid and I was so afraid it could happen again. And hello, this was deep. Hell, sharks on those shark movies could come out! Yikes. Until my mind said, "Ugh,don't fear the sharks, you're going to Maldives yet" HAHA (as in, loud HAHA)But y'see? it worked. At least, i jumped even if i didn't really snorkel.Yay!

Notice the naturally carved stones that come in all shapes and sizes...so stunning!

Our last stop was in an island they called Telegraph of which we didn't mind asking why. But it was beautiful. We transferred to a smaller boat to get near the coastline and behold its exquisite beauty up and close. Oh, flashes flashing...

The afternoon at 4 o'clock saw us back to the fishing harbour from those beautiful marine and fishing villages and zipped over to the hotel. How refreshing to just sit on the poolside, enjoying a glass of lemon mint, 
free of charge,

while waiting for the Indian officemate who was having the time of his life.

Now see what sunset was like,

And the photos he took from above,

WOW, what a wholly holiday!

If i could sum up my Musandam trip in a photo, it would be this,

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