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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

let's get heard

Become a panel member, express yourself and get heard.
Not just that. You will also get paid.

Now everyone, read. This isn't one of those online scams, I tell you. I am talking about a site here that conducts online surveys. Take utmost 15 minutes of your time to complete a survey that earns you a dollar or more.

It is YouGov Siraj.
To those of you living somewhere in the Middle East and would somehow like to earn a little money the easiest way, sign up fast!

The survey doesn't come too often, by the way. You will be sent an announcement through your e-mail.

I understand I will get paid when I reach 5000 points equivalent to 50 short surveys, the least. I now have 100 points from completing YouGov Siraj profiling survey just today. Yay! I get so excited.

Each short survey earns you 100 points or a dollar. Good enough, right? Think like nobody in the world will give you a dollar even after many moons of fb-ing. Just think.

Sure there are people like me who don't mind earning from answering polls, however little. So, go sign up and see for yourself.

Yalla, let's get heard.

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