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Sunday, May 8, 2011

i love you nay

My Nanay died of breast cancer when i was just two. Sure she has gone to the safest place where she won't have to live through the pain any longer.

Today, I can only wish I have a beautiful portrait of the two of us together. Sad. No pictures to post. Not even a story of sweet and happy moments to tell.
But i won't get tired of posting the same sentiment i posted last year.

"Nay, I may not remember your company around or your face even...but there doesn't have to be anything else more important that I have always been and will always be thankful than bringing me out to see the world"...

Happy Mother's Day, Nay. 
I love you. All my hypothalamus.
And the same goes to my motherly sisters and friends and to all the mothers out there, too.

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