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Monday, May 2, 2011

happy birthday, paduday!

Seeing her face light up with pride having her little kurt andrei, Oh sure she can't ask for more today.

And we dont really mind getting her this deli Make-A-Wish tiramisu cake(minus the candle to blow, btw) to glow up her otherwise silent birthday, do we? *devilish laugh

Plus ice cream too. Yay. NAM NAM!

quezo real ice cream = sweet, tiramisu cake = heaven!
Shocks. Sweet heavens, I'll be a pig!

Ohh, here's one more pig. LOL

There is not a bite or a scoop Paduday won't mind, I guess. HAHA.
Happy Birthday, Paduday! 

May you be happier than us, today. *wink

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