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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beaver

I remember the 'Training of Trainers' seminar I was privileged having attended while working back in the Philippines sometime 5 years ago. The Gung-Ho, in particular. It's in one word - BENEFICIAL!

It, too, helps me appreciate the movie 'The Beaver' because I guess one has to know the way(s) of the beaver to appreciate the character Walter Black portrayed here.

'Gung-Ho', if i'm right the way I remember, is a chinese phrase meaning 'Working Together'. It's a business book of Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles about turning on the people in any organization bringing the three powerful principle of The spirit of the Squirrel, The Way of the Beaver and The Gift of the Goose.

'The Spirit of the Squirrel' is believing a worthwhile work. Like the squirrels, their individual nature of storing nuts and stockpiling them together as a team is important to prepare themselves ahead for the cold months. They know and understand they all work hard for the same purpose. The same vision. The same worth. It is basically knowing your WORK is IMPORTANT. Giving a big sense of worth to a bigger picture for a positive change.

'The Way of the Beaver' on the other hand, emphasizes empowerment. Being in control. Like the beavers, they plan and build their homes. Even after a devastating storm, they make every way to repair their dams. No managers. No subordinates. A beaver works independently like he knows and decides what has to be responsively done himself in harmony with the others. It is ACTING UPON based on our judgment. Decision making.

While 'The Gift of the Goose' brings motivation. It says like the loud and constant honking noises of the geese is somewhat cheering each other on. Valuing an atmosphere of RECOGNITION.

Back to the movie,

Walter Black's way of fighting his mental illness makes a really,really good point of SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Fighting can be life and death. But he so believes he can make it and that beaver puppet is so taking a big role. The whole puppet thing, i believe, is making himself THE BEAVER. Well, it made a big difference and it touched everyone especially his family.

The overall message is that anyone needs to trust empowering himself to handle challenging real-life issues. It's a believe-in-yourself kind of thing.

I say the movie touches me. Like a beaver touches Walter Black.

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