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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beaver

I remember the 'Training of Trainers' seminar I was privileged having attended while working back in the Philippines sometime 5 years ago. The Gung-Ho, in particular. It's in one word - BENEFICIAL!

It, too, helps me appreciate the movie 'The Beaver' because I guess one has to know the way(s) of the beaver to appreciate the character Walter Black portrayed here.

'Gung-Ho', if i'm right the way I remember, is a chinese phrase meaning 'Working Together'. It's a business book of Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles about turning on the people in any organization bringing the three powerful principle of The spirit of the Squirrel, The Way of the Beaver and The Gift of the Goose.

'The Spirit of the Squirrel' is believing a worthwhile work. Like the squirrels, their individual nature of storing nuts and stockpiling them together as a team is important to prepare themselves ahead for the cold months. They know and understand they all work hard for the same purpose. The same vision. The same worth. It is basically knowing your WORK is IMPORTANT. Giving a big sense of worth to a bigger picture for a positive change.

'The Way of the Beaver' on the other hand, emphasizes empowerment. Being in control. Like the beavers, they plan and build their homes. Even after a devastating storm, they make every way to repair their dams. No managers. No subordinates. A beaver works independently like he knows and decides what has to be responsively done himself in harmony with the others. It is ACTING UPON based on our judgment. Decision making.

While 'The Gift of the Goose' brings motivation. It says like the loud and constant honking noises of the geese is somewhat cheering each other on. Valuing an atmosphere of RECOGNITION.

Back to the movie,

Walter Black's way of fighting his mental illness makes a really,really good point of SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Fighting can be life and death. But he so believes he can make it and that beaver puppet is so taking a big role. The whole puppet thing, i believe, is making himself THE BEAVER. Well, it made a big difference and it touched everyone especially his family.

The overall message is that anyone needs to trust empowering himself to handle challenging real-life issues. It's a believe-in-yourself kind of thing.

I say the movie touches me. Like a beaver touches Walter Black.

a tourist-y friday

Normally viewing and just pointing my finger on such a brightly lit looking-like-an-island-kiosk (or what) not far away from a frequented Jumeirah open beach, I used to think I need a really,really good fortune to get into this bling somewhere off the coast of either the Jumeirah Beach Hotel or the Burj Al Arab(short of breath from a long sentence here...whew!).

Never did I know I share the same thought with my office mate until we talked about it just recently. We were so intrigued that we googled and found out it is the '360 Degrees' pub atop 'The Marina Seafood' resto just off the coast of that breaking wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

We both said we'd like to get on in someday soon. So that said, I guess there's nothing soon(er) than todaaay. YES! After working in Dubai for almost 5 years, I am [insert all smiles, here] happy to tell I had gotten inside along with my office mates earlier today. No good fortune literally, really.

And this is why today, walking and climbing up our way to 360 Degrees, is such a tourist-y friday.

It is open everyday but there are regular events on Fridays and Saturdays that the entry on these days (especially between 5pm and 8pm) should have been by guestlist only, although it says to open for everyone after 8pm. Access to it can either be from the main Jumeirah Beach Hotel lobby or to the far right of the hotel, where u catch sight of this standing-still camel here,

We didn't make a reservation nor an online registration as guests because we didn't intend to stay long. A drink should be enough for a sunset pleasure, we planned. We went early to talk our way through and BINGO! Should the lady at the entrance hadn't been nice and easy, we wouldn't have had got in, though.

Now from the gate to the 360 Degrees can quite be a walk so either you get a club cart or just walk and enjoy the beautiful inside,

And there goes the 360 Degrees, behind us. You think the name says it all, don't you? Right. It's an open-air perfectly shaped 360 Degrees...the simplest yet funkiest ever seen.

There were us getting uuup,


It feels like being on a boat party getting at the top and look, past me, here...just that beautiful icon of the world can get anyone WOW!

PLUUUS the stunning Jumeirah Beach Hotel, of course. Notice it magnificently lit up at night too

The pub is actually a two-level rooftop with the cocktails bar on it's upper level and a dance floor anywhere anyone feels, i guess. It has tables and comfy leather sofas and beanbags at the lower level.

It's like come-as-you-are dress code, by the way. Like casual [the Europeans way]. We saw the crowd wasn't really sophisticated. Although most were Europeans that were there to just party like no one in the world cares. The place can be intimidating, perhaps, so better come in a group and preferably yet, make a reservation beforehand.

We couldn't stay long much as we planned for a drink, at least, because all tables and seats were reserved. Perfectly FINE. The drinks were sure pricey and the evening was humid so you know why i said perfectly FINE. House music was great, though, while we had pleasure moments of the setting sun.

Couple of pictures and we're done.

But when the night wears on, it's the best time you see the icon of the world here lights up with beautiful colors to get you HANDS DOWN!

And I could stare at this stunning Burj all night.
But no,no. I shouldn't when there's the 'Bar Zar' to go right next corner to have a good time. It's a tourist-y friday, after all.

I didn't mind a glass of no-good wine and a captain hook of why the hell it is named like one I don't know.

because it's another free of heaven and I couldn't just complain.

Friday, May 20, 2011

reading and finishing it off for a challenge

I am, as my closest friends know, NOT a reader. NOT at all.
And this book has decayed for, like, 3 years now. An ex-boif gave it and it just got put away.

Unread. Tossed aside. Out of sight. Out of mind. Forgotten.

I remember i tried reading a chapter (or two) but had not gotten a little further. Lost my littlest interest. Got extralazy. Bored and ended up sleeping. I am not sure if it is the book but, sure, it is the incredibly no-interest-at-reading ME that was so putting it off.
Now that i found it just in time the energy is all here,

I am reading it again. Boo!
Seriously. Uh-hmm!
For real. Okaay!

And I'll finish it off before May ends (fingers crossed, here). Believe me (as in, no self-doubt).

It is a matter of challenge i am putting on myself and, my friends, please cheer me on :D
*flipping the pages on chapter 1...

Can anyone recommend me some good reads of mystery and romance, please? I want to get my reading hopes up. Straight-faced.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i just spelled delicious!

C-H-I-C-K-E-N-F-R-I-E-S-A-N-D-C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E-S-U-N-D-A-E.It's free of heaven. It's the light of tonight. Double yumm.

Monday, May 16, 2011

thursday re-cap

This is a 3-day overdue so, shall i say thursday re-cap?

There was the expensive dinner at the 'Belgian Beer Cafe' inside Crowne Plaza hotel followed by some evening cocktails at the 'Vista Lounge' inside and lobby-level InterContinental Dubai Festival City. Whew. Richie Rich. Biggie.

Well it was our leaving European office mate, GP, who took us out that evening and gave us a taste of Europe, actually. Hail gallant, GP!

Here's a picture of the ladies, sure was posed, while waiting for their orders,
 And mmm...you guess (by my face) wasn't really posed, dont you?!?

With my face, the Belgian meal was so fantastic. I'm a mussels lover so I had a big pot of Moules Marinière served with some deli Belgian frites and a Belgian dipping mayo. Belgian much huh! Haha. In the Philippines, this is more like Tinolang Tahong. Minus the white wine, i guess so. Classic and sailor style. I swear I'm going to learn how it's cooked. Else I have to find a Belgian. Lord, have mercy on me. LOL.

the picture was just before i empty the pot:)

and the guys, sure wasn't really posed. We're sorry, gentlemen. You don't really mind us snapping you a photo when you're so enjoying your foods, do you? Ahihi...bon appetit!

And onto the cocktails moment at the Vista Lounge...
I only had a bottle of strongbow. It is the best bar and the hottest so far, for me. So elegant, so romantic. Just perfect! Beautifully interiored giving anyone an excellent view of the DFC harbour and the city, complete with live piano music to heavenly die for. Hey, the wonderful pianist can play your favorite songs by request, people. He makes a really,really good pianist and believe me, you will fall in love with him. So i'm telling you now,

come to love, come to vista!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

TM stops: Musandam Dibba, Day3

Without further ado, i want to shout out, "The dhow cruise was FANTABULOUS!"

We woke up with faces so brimming with smiles. It was our last day so we wanted to make the most out of our stay. Overly excited, we went fast to the fishing harbour,

The cruise started at 9am. We paid only AED150 because like i said, we were like the VIPs. Ahem, ahem. Pardon me if i get so nervy. Truth is, the Golden Tulip GM had to pre-book to get us discount. He understood we wanted (or needed) it very well. Haha. There we were, climbing aboard...

We were told to have a couple of stops for dolphin watching, fishing, swimming and snorkeling. Now look at this vibrant green and blue waters here, somehow it felt like sharks could come out anytime...

and hmmn...what was i so thinking hard here?...i wonder O_o

Sad thing, we missed to see the happy dolphins. We waited but they were nowhere appearing. So, we did a photoshoot, instead.

On board lunch was served. There were bbqs we definitely didn't miss. Then our next stop was to go snorkeling. Because we don't know how to swim, we were handed life vests. Oh, my. We looked like kids and felt so anxious that delayed us to jump off. I had to think twice...and much, since it was my first time ever snorkeling. At 31?!? Geeeez...someone, please understand. I live near the sea, back home, but i didn't like swimming (then). I was nearly drowned when I was a kid and I was so afraid it could happen again. And hello, this was deep. Hell, sharks on those shark movies could come out! Yikes. Until my mind said, "Ugh,don't fear the sharks, you're going to Maldives yet" HAHA (as in, loud HAHA)But y'see? it worked. At least, i jumped even if i didn't really snorkel.Yay!

Notice the naturally carved stones that come in all shapes and sizes...so stunning!

Our last stop was in an island they called Telegraph of which we didn't mind asking why. But it was beautiful. We transferred to a smaller boat to get near the coastline and behold its exquisite beauty up and close. Oh, flashes flashing...

The afternoon at 4 o'clock saw us back to the fishing harbour from those beautiful marine and fishing villages and zipped over to the hotel. How refreshing to just sit on the poolside, enjoying a glass of lemon mint, 
free of charge,

while waiting for the Indian officemate who was having the time of his life.

Now see what sunset was like,

And the photos he took from above,

WOW, what a wholly holiday!

If i could sum up my Musandam trip in a photo, it would be this,