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Sunday, April 10, 2011

so fine friday

March 8 ---

We went to Jumeirah Beach Hotel to meet the Marchant family for some matters between my cousin, tatings, and her neice, shy-shy.

the lovelies (jen-jen,shy-shy and hanggaw mariano)

Them with the good-hearted cheerful and beautiful Marchant mother and daughter

Tired and hungry of walking the summer heat, we went inside Souk Madinat to find some restaurants to have our lunch. There we found one cozy 'Dome' with a lovely setting by the man-made lake. For the record, this has to be one of the most gorgeous locations I have ever enjoyed lunch! Just lovely!

We had a nice time munching on seafood pizza and fries.

the oh-so tasty Grilled Garlic Chicken


a deli fetuccini carbonara.
So very fine Friday.

Ohwell, we can't call it fine friday without more snaps :-)

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