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Monday, April 4, 2011

a new little 'apo'

WOW! I've got a brand new baby coming out... Oh no...a brand new grandbaby. A new little 'apo', that is. An addition to Ading and Mark James. How sad they're making me a LOLA when i haven't been a MOMMA yet. TSK TSK.

He is a little cutie. His name is Kurt Andrei. And am going to call him, baby kurtanchoy! Hahaha.

hmmn...he gets his nose from estebat or what? lol

baby kurtanchoy, its awwryt to cry out, your gas bubbles need to get out!


Now cry baby, cry! You are just cuuute when you cry :,)

  I will love you lots, baby kurtanchoy!

-all the little cuddles and kisses from a young lola here. Oops!-

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