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Thursday, April 7, 2011

daddy's little tylaling?!?

One of my bestest of friends, hanggaw mariano, just told me her baby tyla (or the sweet godmother that I am calls her baby tylaling) spoke her first word yesterday. It was 'Daddy'.

I couldn't help but noticed how it pricked her because i know how the 'Daddy' played hooky on the both of them before they ran off.

*censoring the story of the daddy,anyway.

But I was kind of picking on her when I said, "Wow, she does justice to the baby suit i bought for her last week with a 'Daddy's little girl' print on it". and I guess I added,
"Hmmn...must she be daddy's little tylaling?!?"
*tongue-in-cheek. lol.

Of course she knows it doesn't have to do anything with a dad not being there because i suppose daddy is usually the first word for most of the babies.

So, hanggaw if u happen to read this (oh sure I would ask you to.lol), you don't have to worry. Baby Tylaling doesn't know what she's saying.

She'll start saying "MOMMMY" before you know it and hey,
she is a daddy's little tylaling, really! :D

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