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Monday, April 25, 2011

because we're cool like that

Gonna make a little confession here.

I find one guy, whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned, attractive and more attractive each time i get to see him. He's smart. He's overbold. He's forward. He speaks his mind (and body & soul & whatever, yes) and I have a feeling his really sweet. He's got no sexy body but the sexiest look and smile. He's hot. And I mean hotter!

We don't really date. Oh Anyone, please tell me what is 'dating' supposed to mean? I honestly hope an answer.

Because the overbold and forward that he is, doesn't really invite me out for a typical date. He does invite me out like we're good to go out to talk about whatever good comes to mind and just have a good time. Like nobody really cares and like it's us when it's not. But I also thought why would I make it hard on me when, first of all, I like him. Second of all, I wanna give it a try.  Third of all, I can maybe take things easy and, fourth of all, he seems so persistent. I note to myself, cry a little and your man leaves you alone. So forget drama and hoping i'm good to cry no more,

I gave it a chance. Why?!?

because we're cool like that.


Pamsoy said...

I HATE him!

but because I love you, can I meet him to see if he deserves my hanggaw??

nELitA. said...

wa ka nitubag sa akng g.hope nga answer. tsk tsk

thanks hanggaw.luv u pud but the Clover Chips is sold out. Hahah

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