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Friday, April 29, 2011

big friday

Prince William weds an ordinary Kate Middleton today.
Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

This is to say,
I am watching a magical moment of history.

...and sticking with this long royal wedding coverage here for a long royal moment with my Prince Harry! HAHA. Big moment. Big friday!

It feels like watching a friend's marriage only. Really!
I'm having goose bumps and I'm in tears, actually.

Monday, April 25, 2011

because we're cool like that

Gonna make a little confession here.

I find one guy, whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned, attractive and more attractive each time i get to see him. He's smart. He's overbold. He's forward. He speaks his mind (and body & soul & whatever, yes) and I have a feeling his really sweet. He's got no sexy body but the sexiest look and smile. He's hot. And I mean hotter!

We don't really date. Oh Anyone, please tell me what is 'dating' supposed to mean? I honestly hope an answer.

Because the overbold and forward that he is, doesn't really invite me out for a typical date. He does invite me out like we're good to go out to talk about whatever good comes to mind and just have a good time. Like nobody really cares and like it's us when it's not. But I also thought why would I make it hard on me when, first of all, I like him. Second of all, I wanna give it a try.  Third of all, I can maybe take things easy and, fourth of all, he seems so persistent. I note to myself, cry a little and your man leaves you alone. So forget drama and hoping i'm good to cry no more,

I gave it a chance. Why?!?

because we're cool like that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Click, One Hope (Vince Din)

Anyone, please click and 'Like' the 'Facebook' link below as a little help to give one little boy a hope he needs.

[or search for the title *above if it doesn't show here]
I know the father of this little boy. He used to be a fellow Non-Academic Scholar (NAS) in the University of San Jose-Recoletos. I learned about it just earlier today when a co-NAS shared me the story. It is a heartbreaking situation for a family.

My thoughts and prayers are with this little Vince and his family. I hope everyone who gets to read this will help the family pray for his fast recovery and may they get all the help they need so...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

my easy short hair

goodbye my horrible long hair and hello you, easy short hair!

no more keeping it back in a ponytail. i look just a little fatty and i like it this way:)

but sure i need a blow-dryer to help me everyday. TSK!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

so fine friday

March 8 ---

We went to Jumeirah Beach Hotel to meet the Marchant family for some matters between my cousin, tatings, and her neice, shy-shy.

the lovelies (jen-jen,shy-shy and hanggaw mariano)

Them with the good-hearted cheerful and beautiful Marchant mother and daughter

Tired and hungry of walking the summer heat, we went inside Souk Madinat to find some restaurants to have our lunch. There we found one cozy 'Dome' with a lovely setting by the man-made lake. For the record, this has to be one of the most gorgeous locations I have ever enjoyed lunch! Just lovely!

We had a nice time munching on seafood pizza and fries.

the oh-so tasty Grilled Garlic Chicken


a deli fetuccini carbonara.
So very fine Friday.

Ohwell, we can't call it fine friday without more snaps :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

daddy's little tylaling?!?

One of my bestest of friends, hanggaw mariano, just told me her baby tyla (or the sweet godmother that I am calls her baby tylaling) spoke her first word yesterday. It was 'Daddy'.

I couldn't help but noticed how it pricked her because i know how the 'Daddy' played hooky on the both of them before they ran off.

*censoring the story of the daddy,anyway.

But I was kind of picking on her when I said, "Wow, she does justice to the baby suit i bought for her last week with a 'Daddy's little girl' print on it". and I guess I added,
"Hmmn...must she be daddy's little tylaling?!?"
*tongue-in-cheek. lol.

Of course she knows it doesn't have to do anything with a dad not being there because i suppose daddy is usually the first word for most of the babies.

So, hanggaw if u happen to read this (oh sure I would ask you to.lol), you don't have to worry. Baby Tylaling doesn't know what she's saying.

She'll start saying "MOMMMY" before you know it and hey,
she is a daddy's little tylaling, really! :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sweet 16

My pretty talented and beautiful neice,Yamyam, turns 16 today!
Lovely, isn't she?!?

Photo credit:cakecentral.com
and here's a birthday cake for her so she could at least tell her friends "my auntie made one for me...virtually" :,)

Happy sweet 16, young yamyoks! You are no longer a child. You're so growing. So, celebrate the sixteen amazing years of your life and have a blast!

We love you lots!

Monday, April 4, 2011

a new little 'apo'

WOW! I've got a brand new baby coming out... Oh no...a brand new grandbaby. A new little 'apo', that is. An addition to Ading and Mark James. How sad they're making me a LOLA when i haven't been a MOMMA yet. TSK TSK.

He is a little cutie. His name is Kurt Andrei. And am going to call him, baby kurtanchoy! Hahaha.

hmmn...he gets his nose from estebat or what? lol

baby kurtanchoy, its awwryt to cry out, your gas bubbles need to get out!


Now cry baby, cry! You are just cuuute when you cry :,)

  I will love you lots, baby kurtanchoy!

-all the little cuddles and kisses from a young lola here. Oops!-