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Monday, March 21, 2011


This fighting of government vs the rebels in some of the Mideast countries reminds me of the tragic and grisly death of my father some 28 years ago. Right a year after my mother died. Sure, the turbulent years of my family's life. Sad. Like really,really sad. Never saw it anyhow. Only doom and gloom stories were told. I might give you the scare with 'Eeeeeeeiiiiiy' but its just...so flashing back.
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He was once a barangay captain in one of the small mountainous villages of one of the small barangays of one of the small towns of one of the small provinces of one of the small regions of one of the small islands of the small country of the Philippines. Y'see how roaring smaaaaall should my father's government position have been?!?But it was believed that several small villages were NPA stronghold that time and my father (brave as they implied) made his way to have many of the NPA's surrendered and came down from the mountain to the PNP's call for peace. Dreaded for a gravitated rage by the NPA's, there had the deployment of military forces in full battle gear and set up camps around our house. They stayed for up to couple of months to protect my father who opted to stay in the village after evacuating us to his sister's family, away from him. Later on when no NPA's were seen to appear, the military forces left my father behind thinking there was peace. On the same day they left, my father was trampled to death and found with chopped-up body to pieces scattered around and few meters away from the house. What could have been more sad?

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I never ever wanted to sink into the scary years after when, out of fear, me and my family rattled and hid underground our house or we so-called 'paksol' (fox hole) everytime there were wheeled fighter tanks with heavily armed militaries robing around. It was 1983 (if am right) and I was 4years back then. As young as 4, I knew we were real scared and sure thought those heavy machine-gun toting men were to shoot us. When i grew more years up, I understood it was Philippines during the intense Edsa Revolution when there were courses of armed encounters between the military forces and the rebels. I came to know we were forced to hide to avoid encountering military soldiers and being alleged or perceived rebels' supporters. I think Senator Benigno Aquino Jr who stood against Marcos regime was assasinated the same year too.

Scary times, indeed. This is maybe why I can't just help myself becoming terrified when I hear sudden loud noises, violent fighting and seeing men in fatigue or police uniforms even...up until these days.

Now i guess everyone is anxious to see what has been happening in Libya. Knowing like the UN Federal response force has acted upon sending counter-air and sea strike operations for 3 days now (and counting) first of all to cease-fire and second of all to protect the Libyans from Gaddafi's government troops' pinning down of these civilians on strike (rebels) fighting to overthrow his 41-year long rule.
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It's heartbreaking to think about the people especially the innocent children disrupted from their normal lives. It is them who get to suffer above all. Nobody knows until when is the fight. The stepping down of Gaddafi is uncertain yet. Whether he fights back or not, we can only pray.

Let there be peace before long!

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