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Monday, September 6, 2010

yay, it's business

No more denying. No more hiding. I am skint. I am like knocked over and under and there's no sense of thinking back why.

Troubles drain me of energy lately and I can't just lie down and cry. I'm not gonna draw you into every hella drama I had, anyhow. Enough of them and I wanted to go out my way to skip them, I thought. But financially struggling on top of everything, gritting my teeth was all I could do. And so a week ago, I suddenly thought why not sell a bit of my great but unused ukay finds and non-ukay peices online to make some money on the side.

Yay! It's business.

Thing was, I didn't really know how the way to go about setting up my own 'dot com' so i decided making another blog. I have published it already but there's nothing like 'shopping' carts and 'shipping' links yet. I am still working on it, anyway. I got to post few pieces though. I swear there will come more in time and setting up the domain will fall right into place. For the meantime, I ask all my friends to check it out and maybe they know another friends they could tell to. Every friend knows another friend and that's how it's gonna work out, I hope. Later on, i might not only be a solo-preneur because I am thinking of asking my closest friends to join with me here. But for now, I'm like make-it-yourself-happen and I just have to believe I can do better in business. *smiley-face

Now, setting in motion my www.jumblesalelimited.blogspot.com!

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