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Monday, August 30, 2010

i call it bitter-sweet

Two weeks back:

Paduday: Te, guess what?
Me: What?
Paduday: Muuli ko. Mag resign ko. (Am going home. Am resigning)
Me: Hmmn...murag I know why and you know what.
Paduday: Yes! *laughed
Me; As innnnnn?! Buntis ka? *TSK-ed TSK-ed (Dead serious?! You're preggy?)
Paduday: Hahaha. Kay dugayan man ka gud! (Because you are too slow!)
Me: Hayyyyy. But ohhh congrats! (oh-so deep sigh)

I am not happy she's going to make me a lola again. 
But I am happy she's so happy.

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