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Thursday, July 29, 2010

today's sentiment

"You've got to make choices in life. and then guess what happens after that. you have to make more choices, and more after that."

YES, Just like that!

Monday, July 26, 2010

me turns 31

So i say goodbye and good riddance to 30...
31 hErE i coMe!!!
Few consolations, *yeaaah!:,)

1) I may be old but I will still always be the youngest in my family.Ahihihi
2) When I was younger 30+ was OLD, now I feel 31 is YOUNG. LOL!!!
3) I get wiser as I get older. Oh-huh!
4) There is only one option to not turning 31, that is death. *eyes popping
5) I have him, my boss, that's so making my day! *wink
6) I am in love. Yes, I am.

So I say, "Welcome 31!”

Thursday, July 15, 2010

me sobs

Been crying my heart out since last night. I just have to vent again or else I'm going nuts. I have these occasional quiet yet nagging fears and doubts.

Have you ever felt like history could repeat itself and that you dont feel right about? Geeez...I can't just keep my past behind or must it be a red flag?!?
*tears making a wet trail down my face now and again...

I know that my doubts and fears put off what could have been a wonderful time but i don't know why do I worry a dozen of little things about that's freaking me out.

me sobs...I need some huggs :-((

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my ff turns 1

Just todAaay.
and ff is what i call this 'flashes flashing' blog, by the way.

Hmmn...what am i supposed to say?!?
Okay, you, yes you, I love all of you. You is anyone who gets to read this, anyway. And You, you gotta celebrate with me today.lol

They say,
Life is not easy. Ohwell, blogging makes it easier, anyhow.

Here's to a more blogging years to come!
Happy birthday my ff!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

if only there was a road map to success...

Photo Credit: speareducation.com

I would have run down there or jump over even.

I may sound so hasty but no, am not. I only want certainties in life. But i also know, I can only wish. There are moments in your life when you seem to get what you want and you want to keep it forever.

Success, however, takes work and more prayers. Even so I talk and dream big, I need to lie everything low and just stroll down.

God bless my way!
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