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Sunday, May 9, 2010

party friday

It was a 3-in-one. Like 3 parties-in-one friday!
wild wadi wild rides, a krazy-LIMBO dance, and a dinner party. wHEwww!
A wild wadi wild friday! [with the roomates]

 The wild up-and-down-hill ring rides kept us thrilled, chilled and super excited plus the fantastic view of Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Oh sweet blast! Thanks to Belen. She's the master blaster we gotta ride! *wink:,)

A krazy LIMBO dance friday! [with the officemates]

 We never knew it was a LIMBO-themed party until the disco train ended to a krazy-LIMBO showdown.It was hosted just-for-fun and thanks to Mr. Earnshaw, we had a real fun 'wine & dance' time. For the record, it was the first krazy dance Fichtner party friday, by the way. *LOL

*can't wait to upload a video here*

A Don Corleone and Bacardi friday! [with the hanggaws]
 Photo credit: metropolitandubai.habtoorhotels.com

It was a welcome-back dinner to welcome the newest hanggaw to the Hanggaw's family. Now, we must call him 'hanggaw marshey', I suppose. What do you, hanggaws, think?!?Hahaha.

four glasses of 'two oceans' + 4 bottles of 'bacardi' = Oceanic bacardi inside my tummy

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