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Thursday, April 8, 2010

update to the offer

According to my internal guidance system, it's a No Go.

After putting all the pros and cons of my current and offered job, I feel like I'm better off staying oooorr wait for a really good offer to step up and enough to get me out from a hella credit card trouble, at least.
And here's my email that said it all,

Hi and good morning [the offering boss],

First of all, I am so delighted by your job offer. Many thanks.

While I find the work, the way you and [the referring friend] explained, to be self-progressing and meeting my interest and exposure, I have uncertainly decided talking to [the current boss] on the matter up until the moment as I don’t know just the right decision to make considering, mainly, the following:

1. Commitment – [the current company] has always been very good to me, especially [the current boss]. I so value how they kept me after all visa headaches I gave them when I first joined here. For the same reason, I felt compelled to rather wait until the project is finished and/or signaled for a termination than tender a resignation.

2. Salary Offer = To be frank and honest, I see a little difference with the figure too. It would be a complete shift of the base and I note Abudhabi’s accommodation rate is of no equivalence, most possibly higher, compared to Dubai nowadays. To that end, I see [the amount] as my level of indifference.

The job, responsibilitywise, plus the opportunity of working with you guys are very appealing to me. However, after much thought of the above, I am sorry to feel like today’s maybe an inappropriate time to leave and have decided not to accept the offer at this time.

Your confidence in me is sincerely appreciated and it was a pleasure being recommended and having had a discussion with you. Anyways, I hope you will still keep my CV on file and will possibly consider me in the future should there be a need at a favorable time.

Again, many thanks for welcoming me and I am hoping only the best for you and the entire [the offering company].

Best Regards,


the reply,

Hi Neli,

Thanks for your long and frank email.

I fully understand your position.

Rest assured, I will keep your CV on file for future opportunities. Please let me know as soon as your circumstances change. I'm sure we can find an opening for you in the future.

Thanks and Best Regards,
[the offering boss]


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