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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a pdq trip

the demanding bride's rule #1:
Hanggaws must be at the wedding; Pam to be the MOH and myself to be one of the BMs

*Needless to say the booking, cancelling, re-booking, confirming, re-confirming, issuance and re-issuance*

22nd April---
We headed out figuring it like for the bouquet? the love storytelling? the heavenly beach? the pictures? the surely out of the UAE's savory foods? the get-together of long-missed friends and umm...whatever. But certainly, of course, to pronounce and sugarcoat 'that's what friends are for'!
The rule of the trip: MATULOG sa plane! and yes, we did.

23rd April---
We landed safely in the sublime city of Lapu-lapu, Cebu. Here I met the sweetest angels of pamyoks. What an oh-so adorable threesome---Bea, Chloe, and Baby X plus the lovely family. I want to exaggerate the whole family's cozy-warmth and graciousness here that I seemed to have had an instant dear family for 3N/4D i heavenly love.

24th April---
the highlight---the wedding, finally!
To look our best, we went to do our hair and nail polishings early in the morning. And yes, of course, we looked great and lovely. Yayyyy! here are the pictures so giving us justice *wink

And, by the way, I did meet my long-missed college friends, Raezel and Pam (aka tiyan---one of the BMs too).

What an enchanting beach wedding, I'd say. I wish I could have camcorded our barefoot dancing performance. It was a perfect rock'n roll by the beach!

*censoring the sentiments of 'back into love love love'. You know who you are when you get to read this,anyway:,) Ahaiiiz, they make a lovely couple, y'know!

25th April---
When and which is why the trip was the finest!
1. A bbq lunch at Matias' with the lovely capas---certainly the no.1 in the where-to-eat list that's not to be missed. Yummm!
2. the ever favorite Oishi Manju + green mango shake from thirsty. Ohh sweet Cebu!
3. The Back Up Plan movie daiskii and I watched for a good laugh. Fun fun!
4. the meeting up with joyceee + the burger steak in jollibee. Who-hoooo!

26th April---
The panic-buying of PASALUBONGS (most for myself though). I gotta have my favorite bingka from Mandaue (All thanks to Robert for doing a lot of favors for me), mangoes, lanzones, seringuelas, dice, tikoy, piyaya, masa real, ngo-hiong, danggit, and the hair chuchu's from watsons for moi. The KFC's gravy that's so out-of-the-world was a dream-come-true for pamyoks this day. Hahaha.

And damn quickly, the return flight!
Nausea and headache was like killing me when we reached the airport up until we boarded the plane. For the record, it was the first time in my whole life that I puked (to no dose of hardcore consumed). Yuckky! 

Pamyoks, diverted from extreme emo, turned out to give her sympathy for me and kept her dramas on hold. Thank you loads, hanggaw!

Today, I am back in the office safe and very well. And I thank you, God!

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Pamsoy said...

i am pamyoks and yes i suffered a lot to have this brat here for a flight mate...

qouting myself " pug ngi sa ang suka hanggaw, pugngi sa"... kay of course, galisud ko ug abri sa paper bag nga sukaan..

and of course., hu could forget the " Hi! do you have something for headache? and a gladd of water pls"".. just when passengers are boarding the flight..

hayyyss... hanggaw jud ka gaw...

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