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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what is so big deal, people?

I am thirty. I am single. I am not hypocrite.

Married and single-but-no-longer-available friends, relatives and officemates aaalways and dont get tired of aaaalways asking me, "WHY are you still single?"

"Why nOooooooOot?", I always answer with a smile.

I said I am not hypocrite and yes, I sometimes(if not always)worry.
but do I have to defend myself, by the way?!?

Hellooooo...what is so-so and oh-so big deal, people?
It's not like I'm the only one,ey! annnnnnnd
Don't expect me telling either,

"I dont want to get married" Because of course I do. 
"Single is better than married" Because neither is better.

Okay, granted I so become sensitive today. Perhaps I've been hearing waaay too many wedding bells? Hmmn...likely!

But then again,

Simple, people!
Singleness doesn't make me less of a woman, deal with that or I'll keep repeating. I'll go about enjoying every moment because I know everything will fall right into place---
in HIS time.

annnd one more thing I wanna tell you, people.
What is so much better than single who is always up and ready to mingle-and-gamble-and-waggle-and-back to the cycle?!?
Seasons change, y'know?! Ooops:-))
But oh well, I always hope the cycle to end to settle with the one true mutually ♥'s commanded, of course!
And this, I pray!

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